Once [Marc]

Skin is the envelope and the extent of a body; it is the liminal membrane that passes between self and other. My drawings query the edges of bodies, the hem of a skin, and its demarcation between subject and object. I consider the 'reversibility' of skin — that it might be both touching and touched, as the person who is both seeing and seen — to register intersubjectivity in my work.
My friends and partners are my only subjects. They must invite me to draw them. We meet at their command, and they are not posed or otherwise instructed. The drawing parses this encounter, wherein we became visible and responsible to one another.
I use charcoal lines to palpate and mine their bodies. In brittle chalk, applied tenderly with the fingers, I expound the skin in excruciating color, and fossilize it there under high-gloss resin. Its immense scale and unstable paper ground testify to the intractability of truly seeing or knowing a body.
I hope that this body is not reducible to an image, or to an "artistic nude". I hope it is an event, as confounding, intimate, and precarious as the meeting of skins and gazes.

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