Once [Marc]

My work examines the phenomenology of embodiment, pertaining chiefly to problems of intimacy, skin, and self. Skin is the envelope and the extent of a body; it is the 'liminal membrane' that passes between self and other. Despite its conferral and receipt of touch, skin is the body's insoluble and terminal limit. In a process both corporeal and cognitive, I draw the bodies of my friends and partners excruciated and vivified by skin.
The subjects are not posed or otherwise instructed. I place their bodies on immense tracts of paper, or upon paper collages composed of pieces cut away from other drawings. They are drawn with brittle chalk, applied tenderly with the fingers, and are fossilized there under high-gloss resin. The instability of the ground deploys the drawing as a body, itself, rather than an image, and is at once whole and fragmented. The works testify to the closeness and remoteness of the other, and to the intractability of truly seeing or 'knowing' the body.

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